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Design Capabilities - CAD Modeling

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We have over 25 years of combined experience with AutoCad, Solidworks, and Rhino. From 2D and 3D design to programming we have the know how to get the job modeled and programmed correctly the first time for any type of cutting. Work with us to design your product as we have the knowledge and experience to model your designs. 


Our Story

What started off as a way to stay busy during the summer turned into a family business. Always interested in how things work, Nick has always wanted to create things with their own hands and see if they could do it better than the existing processes. From designing and building hoverboards in middle school to designing and building his first ever boat from scratch in high school Nick has loved modeling and creating from a young age. That passion flows into his work today and has lead him to be one of the best product designers in the business. 

Our CAD Designs

We have designed and modeled for several companies and projects. Our favorites include:

  • FV Gulf Ranger Masts

  • Wooldridge River Rat

  • Custom Offshore Brakets

  • Custom Parts

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