REIDiversion Systems, LLC

Innovative Marine Patented Technology

  • Propeller Diversion Technology for Air, Debris, and Pressure Fluctuations*

  • Increases Propeller Efficiency up to 35% by Diverting Air Bubbles & Compressed Air Sheets from Entering the Propeller Zone 

  • Additional 1/2-1 Knot Average Increase Over Original Cruising Speed While Reducing Each Engine 100-200 RPM for Displacement and Semi-Displacement Hulls

  • Reduces Depreciation Value on Propellers, Rudders, Nozzles, Shafts, Shaft Seals, Bearings, Transmission Gears, Alignments, Weld Joints, Hull Structure, and Electronics 

  • Provides Protection for Expensive Running Gear from Debris Drawn Beneath the Vessel. 

Customized for Vessel Specifications

  • Diversion Capabilities Range 32"-120" Propeller Diameters, 2 Units per Propeller 

  • Mild Steel, and Aluminum Available

  • Mild Steel Available in 1/4, 5/16, or 3/8 Inch Plate 

  • Aluminum Available in 1/4, or 3/8 Inch Plate

*Statistics Verified by Personal Vessel Application


for details contact directly 

Jordan Reid - Owner 

(907) 500-8017 

Alex McKiernan - Assistant 

(253) 246-9444